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Episode 5: Mr Watchtower

This month features an interview with an ex-Jehovah’s Witness,  Mr. Watchtower, who having grown up with a devout JW mother, and a father who was a later convert, discovered that their path was not for him.

Mr Watchtower is an erudite and insightful guest who shares a lot of important information about the Jehovah’s Witness faith, in particular the way in which it keeps its members under control, its belief system, and the abusive nature of the threats towards and treatment of apostates and their families.

Listen as he discusses his early life and the experience of growing up within the JW church, and why he now so passionately works to help others find their way out of this religion.

Mr Watchtower can be found on Twitter (@ApostateAwake)

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Episode 4: Jen August

This month features an interview with another extraordinary woman, ex-Catholic Jen August, who having grown up with a devout Irish-Catholic mother and Jewish father, found her way through extreme hardship and an abusive marriage to find freedom as an atheist.

Listen as Jen discusses her early life and search for truth and meaning in both Catholicism and Judaism, and the struggles she went through to define her own identity and rebuild her life as a non-believer after losing her faith.  Jen’s story is powerful and inspiring, with her no-nonsense approach and a strong focus on building an identity as an individual, you’ll be left in no doubt of the fact that who Jen has become as she departed faith is a better, freer and more complete person.

Jen and Chris also briefly discuss their upcoming book collaboration that deals with Jen’s escape from a violent and abusive marriage and how she found the strength to set herself free. She also talks about how she feels it is important for people to truly find themselves as an individual and define an identity that  will contribute to rather than depend upon other communities.

Trigger Warning: This episode contains some discussion of an abusive relationship which some listeners may find upsetting. 

Jen August can be found on Twitter @jen_august

You can listen to the episode below:

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Episode 3: Ex-Mormon

Apologies for the break last month, unexpected events took precedence.

We’re back with a wonderful guest, an ex-mormon whose devout life was disrupted by a longing to study biology and a difficult, and often abusive, relationship. Join us as she talks about discovering the reality behind her religious upbringing and the Mormon church, and finding a new world of reason and truth through interactions with atheist communities on Twitter.

Our guest describes growing up in a close knit Mormon community and the challenges that she faced as she found herself beginning to doubt, and the struggle to be able to forge her own identity as an educated woman. Her story will move you, make you laugh, and most of all inspire you to realize that even through tremendous difficulty and physical danger, it is possible to find a life of peace through reason.


Trigger Warning: This episode contains some discussion of an abusive relationship which some listeners may find upsetting.

You can listen to the episode below:

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Episode 2: Iman Willoughby

Our second interview is with the extraordinary Iman Willoughby, (@1GodlessWoman on Twitter). Andi and Chris speak with Iman about her life growing up in Saudi Arabia, her experiences as a woman in the muslim world, her struggles to adapt to her new life in Canada, and how she has found her own identity without God.

Featuring a guest who is knowledgable, erudite, powerful, funny and utterly honest about her experiences and struggles, this interview is one you will not want to miss.

Some listeners will already be familiar with Iman via Twitter, and because of the recent campaign by the wonderful Adam Reakes (@AdamReakes). But, there’s so much more to Iman than you may realize.  To endure all that she has, against all odds, and to remain the courageous voice that she does is testament to her character and strength. We could not be more privileged to bring you this episode of the You Without God Podcast.

You can listen to the episode below:

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You Without God – Pilot Episode

It’s taken a bit longer than we originally planned, but here’s our pilot episode!

We still need to get a few things sorted out, such as a logo and so on (let us know if you can help with that!). We’ve also created a buffer of interviews to be sure we can release something good regularly!

In this Pilot Episode of the You Without God Podcast hosts Chris Krzeminski and Andi Lee discuss their ideas for the podcast, and their motivations for doing it.

They chat about the need for those departing religion to find positive resources to help rebuild new identities that don’t rely on the old thought patterns, and their hope that this podcast will be, at least in part, one of those sources.

In future episodes, the hosts will do far less talking, and will allow each invited guest the time to expand on what it was like for them to leave their faith behind and the journey of discovery that they have been on since.

Each episode will feature a guest who the hosts feel has something special to offer the audience in terms of insight into finding purpose and meaning in this incredible universe, and to discuss just what life means to them without god.

You can listen to the Pilot Episode here:

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Welcome to the You Without God podcast

Welcome to the You Without God podcast website.
It’ll take us a few days to get things tidied up over here, but we hope that this will be a great resource for those finding that faith no longer meets their needs, but who need to feel that there are people who understand.

In each podcast, we’ll be interviewing an atheist who will answer the question “What are you Without God”.

The idea is based on Chris Krzeminski’s book What Are You Without God?: How to Discredit Religious Thought and Rebuild Your Identity, particularly Part II which talks about ways to rebuild your identity as a non-believer.

We look forward to bringing you our first podcast soon!

Meanwhile, find us on Twitter at @YouWithoutGod

Andi & Chris!

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