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Episode 2: Iman Willoughby

Our second interview is with the extraordinary Iman Willoughby, (@1GodlessWoman on Twitter). Andi and Chris speak with Iman about her life growing up in Saudi Arabia, her experiences as a woman in the muslim world, her struggles to adapt to her new life in Canada, and how she has found her own identity without God.

Featuring a guest who is knowledgable, erudite, powerful, funny and utterly honest about her experiences and struggles, this interview is one you will not want to miss.

Some listeners will already be familiar with Iman via Twitter, and because of the recent campaign by the wonderful Adam Reakes (@AdamReakes). But, there’s so much more to Iman than you may realize.  To endure all that she has, against all odds, and to remain the courageous voice that she does is testament to her character and strength. We could not be more privileged to bring you this episode of the You Without God Podcast.

You can listen to the episode below:

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Episode 1: Hemant Mehta

We couldn’t be prouder to bring you our first full interview featuring Hemant Mehta, and what a great guest to start with!

Hemant Mehta discusses growing up in the Jain community and how he started to realise at an early age that his faith just didn’t make sense to him.He chats with us about his activism through high-school and later, and his work with secular student groups and the Foundation Beyond Belief, as well as his writing work!

In an informal interview with podcast hosts Chris Krzeminski and Andrew Lee, Hemant offers insights into his writing and blogging activities, touching on some recent controversies such as the fisasco over the Morton Grove Park District and the South Carolina’s soup kitchen banning atheists from helping out.

This is a fun interview with one of the atheist community’s best known activists and authors. His friendly approach to skepticism, reflected in his Friendly Atheist blog typifies the approach that we’re trying to take on this podcast.

(Apologies for some of the sound problems, we’re still working through some bugs with equipment and Andrew’s track in particular needed some work on it. Fortunately, he doesn’t talk too much, and the others sound great! Thanks to @iZotopeInc for their amazing audio-repair plugins!)

You can listen to the podcast here:

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