Episode 4: Jen August

This month features an interview with another extraordinary woman, ex-Catholic Jen August, who having grown up with a devout Irish-Catholic mother and Jewish father, found her way through extreme hardship and an abusive marriage to find freedom as an atheist.

Listen as Jen discusses her early life and search for truth and meaning in both Catholicism and Judaism, and the struggles she went through to define her own identity and rebuild her life as a non-believer after losing her faith.  Jen’s story is powerful and inspiring, with her no-nonsense approach and a strong focus on building an identity as an individual, you’ll be left in no doubt of the fact that who Jen has become as she departed faith is a better, freer and more complete person.

Jen and Chris also briefly discuss their upcoming book collaboration that deals with Jen’s escape from a violent and abusive marriage and how she found the strength to set herself free. She also talks about how she feels it is important for people to truly find themselves as an individual and define an identity that  will contribute to rather than depend upon other communities.

Trigger Warning: This episode contains some discussion of an abusive relationship which some listeners may find upsetting. 

Jen August can be found on Twitter @jen_august

You can listen to the episode below:

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