About You Without God

Origins of You Without God:

You Without God arises from the simple idea of a journey of discovering yourself. There’s a logical path that you tend to follow when starting to question faith, where religious thought is gradually discredited, leading eventually to a discovery that your former beliefs have now been deserted. For many, this transition, beyond the logic, is emotionally difficult and often traumatic. Typically we have invested a lot, mentally and emotionally into our faith, so its loss takes an adjustment, which takes a lot of time and effort.

Recognizing that this difficulty occurs for almost all people who are in the process of losing their faith, or who have recently left it, in finding their way through the maze of emotional turmoil that often results, we’d like to offer a way that you can find support, comfort and practical help in reshaping your life in a way that brings meaning, purpose and enjoyment back to life. What better way than by hearing how others managed it, and learning directly from them how they felt, and dealt, with gaining freedom from religious thought.

There is a lot of negativity around, and unfortunately, some of it comes from atheists, who in their zeal to debunk and mock religious belief (some with more animosity than others), perhaps forget that the humans with those beliefs have emotions and  fears that are not being addressed. Who will help if not other atheists? While the debunking of religious thought is an approach that has its merits, what is needed is a wider spectrum of approach that encompasses  emotional support and offers an approachable face of atheism. After all, if we are to find meaning and purpose, it must not only be in tearing down, but in creating something strong, good and lasting from the rubble of that which has been tested and found wanting.

About the Podcast:

The purpose of this podcast is to interview atheists who have made the transition into non-belief, to learn how they dealt with overcoming the emotional problems and how they rebuilt their identity.

Each episode features an atheist  answering the simple question “What Are You Without God?” which we hope will tease out some practical ideas for helping you in your own journey to a life free of religious thought. If nothing else, it will show you that you are not alone, that there is a community out there that is bigger and more friendly than you might think. We hope you will also find that there is meaning beyond belief; that without god, we are free to become everything that we potentially can be as humans with a single precious lifespan.

Meet your hosts:

The “You Without God” podcast is brought to you by:

Christopher Krzeminski: the author of What Are You Without God?: How to Discredit Religious Thought and Rebuild Your Identity and “I Am“. He’s currently working on his next book “All These Quiet Places” with @jen_august. On Twitter you can find him as @marco_iO9

Andi Lee: a tech professional, penguin enthusiast, occasional musician, and talkative British guy. He’s also the guy who persuaded Chris it would be a good idea to do this podcast. On Twitter you can find him as @rootikitty

You can also follow us for podcast updates and announcements on twitter @YouWithoutGod

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