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You Without God – Pilot Episode

It’s taken a bit longer than we originally planned, but here’s our pilot episode!

We still need to get a few things sorted out, such as a logo and so on (let us know if you can help with that!). We’ve also created a buffer of interviews to be sure we can release something good regularly!

In this Pilot Episode of the You Without God Podcast hosts Chris Krzeminski and Andi Lee discuss their ideas for the podcast, and their motivations for doing it.

They chat about the need for those departing religion to find positive resources to help rebuild new identities that don’t rely on the old thought patterns, and their hope that this podcast will be, at least in part, one of those sources.

In future episodes, the hosts will do far less talking, and will allow each invited guest the time to expand on what it was like for them to leave their faith behind and the journey of discovery that they have been on since.

Each episode will feature a guest who the hosts feel has something special to offer the audience in terms of insight into finding purpose and meaning in this incredible universe, and to discuss just what life means to them without god.

You can listen to the Pilot Episode here:

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